Founded in 2007, Wolfe Welding, Inc., got its start as a miscellaneous steel installation service. Based out of the Cincinnati, Ohio area, we were involved in the majority of high profile projects in the area. Specializing in stair and rail installation, we quickly gained the reputation of being the most reliable and highest quality oriented installation services in the area.

In 2010, we began installing basic architectural railing systems in the Cincinnati area. Noticing the need in the architectural railing business for quality installers, we slowly started to focus more on architectural railing installations.

In 2013, we made the jump to almost exclusively focus on the installation of architectural railing systems. Traveling the United States, we have installed architectural railing systems in some of the highest profile projects in the nation including several malls, office buildings, universities etc. Wolfe Welding, Inc. now specializes in installing all types of architectural railing systems including but not limited to, glass railing, aluminum, stainless, cable rail and other specialty rail systems.

If you are looking for a company that specializes in the installation of architectural railing systems, look no further. We guarantee that you will not find a company more knowledgeable, reliable, dependable and quality oriented than Wolfe Welding, Inc.